Geometry Photo
In order to teach students geometry concepts while introducing them to coding, we created five lessons and a final project that use the programming language Scratch. The lessons teach students how to draw geometric shapes using code. For the final project, students must utilize Scratch to create works of art.
Scratch Sprite
Provides an introduction to Scratch and flowcharting
Scratch Triangle
Teaches students how to draw squares and triangles in Scratch
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Scratch Hexagon
Teaches students about the programming concepts of loops and conditionals as they pertain to drawing regular polygons in Scratch
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Scratch Coloring
Teaches students how to use variables and color in shapes in Scratch
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Scratch New Block
Teaches students how to use features of Scratch not covered in the Scratch Starter Guide in preparation for the final project
Scratch Art
Each student selects a work of art and then creates a geometric interpretation of that piece using Scratch. Students then pair up and combine their original artworks by creating a new Scratch program.