Science Methods

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In order to demonstrate to future educators how to teach computational thinking (CT), we created three different CT activities: a robotic earthquake simulator, a model of the solar system using Scratch, and a simulation of a car race demonstrating Newton's second law of motion.
Using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot kits, students build and code a robotic earthquake simulator. Afterward, they design and construct buildings using LEGOs and then test the structural integrity of their buildings in the event of an earthquake.
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Solar System
Students are introduced to computer programming through online coding exercises and then use Scratch to create a model of Earth’s orbit around the sun.
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Motion Law
We created a web-based simulation of a race between two cars to demonstrate Newton’s second law of motion (F = ma). Users can change the force and mass of each car, and the simulation includes a dynamic distance vs. time graph.
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